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Mr Kruse, an educator who taught us to LEARN!

 October 4, 2013 at 6:31 am: Mr. Kruse, teacher I met halfway through 6th grade, looked at me my second day I was there. I’d not done the assignment, and I was ready to be shamed again — what he … Continue reading

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For Adam — and others

You can reach out to others, but they have to let you in before you can touch them. Some won’t let you .. others do not know how to let you into their vulnerable place. We always think we could’ve … Continue reading

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another side

I see so much on abortion, read so much, watch the movies and videos .. I haven’t seen this view from first person perspective .. see … My brother talked with me and said if abortion would have been legal, … Continue reading

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action hero wishlist

I wish we could have female action heroes who have dishwater blonde hair, mousey nondescript hair, fritzy independent hair, limp hair and no hair at all. And eyes that change color, like the sea — or stay flat grey — … Continue reading

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FlashFiction post

I slipped the tip of my toe in one of the dailies in FlashFiction 365 day challenge .. inspiration comes from strange places. Oh, their website is exactly that — to challenge one to write in short bits. When I … Continue reading

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Missing little nothings

We seem to think that big events and weighty, important conversations make the bulk of a relationship. Yet .. it’s chatting of little nothings .. how spring air moves and caresses across the face .. picking dandelions and sending them … Continue reading

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1 Feb 2012 – Loss of Nordan om Jorden in Virtual SL

I’m pleased to know she is alive, I’m pleased to know she is well, and selfishly, saddened by the loss of the gallery and her point of view. Flora Nordenskiold (or the person behind her keyboard) showed me how to … Continue reading

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