another side

I see so much on abortion, read so much, watch the movies and videos .. I haven’t seen this view from first person perspective .. see … My brother talked with me and said if abortion would have been legal, way back then, that we would not have been born. He said that’s why he was against it. I said that my feeling was different ..

If my mother would have aborted me
her life would have continued on a different path
there’s the doctor she wanted but couldn’t have
because she shouldered her responsibility.

She’d made her bed so there she’d lie
taking the punishment she was given
birthed the child she shouldn’t have
and lived with her for all her life

Beaten, broken, teeth knocked out
threatened, humiliated, hit again and again
finally breaking away and burdened
by more than the original sin.

If my mother could have aborted me
the next child, perhaps, she could love.
one that didn’t keep her from her destiny
one she didn’t fill with her agonies

That wanted child would not be ransom,
would not be resented for not dying
would be praised, petted, smiled and hugged
held, not despised as punishment’s reminder

No child should be raised as punishment, you see.
Her life would have been better without me.
and I would have been held with love
in God’s company.

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