FlashFiction post

I slipped the tip of my toe in one of the dailies in FlashFiction 365 day challenge .. inspiration comes from strange places.

Oh, their website is exactly that — to challenge one to write in short bits.

When I can get the image uploaded I will do so. It’s a Jon Foster cover of the ‘zine Dreadfull Skin.

picture 365 challenge – end of sacrificial rite

16 June 2013

End of sacrificial rite
after sacred rye and sought
bound by iron, faith and lies
sliding into fiery night
come upon low growling sleep
blended flame and bittersweet
moonlight and death lust await
salvation’s feral face appears


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2 Responses to FlashFiction post

  1. Very nice non-traditional Haiku. It may not follow the stricture of Japanese Haiku, In regard the number of beats in each phrase and the amount of lines. Yet the structure of Haiku is not dependent on those criteria. Haiku is about presenting a series of imagery, visual or otherwise, followed by a twist; a paradigm shift; which brings in a sudden change in direction and/or meaning. Your ‘salvation’s feral face appears’ does this quite well. Kudos. Friend of Adogeoto

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