1 Feb 2012 – Loss of Nordan om Jorden in Virtual SL

I’m pleased to know she is alive, I’m pleased to know she is well, and selfishly, saddened by the loss of the gallery and her point of view. Flora Nordenskiold (or the person behind her keyboard) showed me how to stand firm with grace, as well as exposing me to art I might otherwise not have seen. She supported Art in a very real way. The gallery didn’t just show images, but concepts and ideas … each exhibit invited a dialogue between the creator and the patron. We each became participants in each installation, whether we intended to or not.

I miss the contacts in SL that mean so much to me. IRL, there would have been no chance to even meet them. In SL and other virtual worlds .. one knows by virtue of being there that other avs have several qualities:  open to adventure, willing to try new things, hunger to see and meet cultures from all over (or conversely, find validation for one’s own culture).

Behind the avatar I made that showed the insides RL doesn’t get to see .. the me I am in RL has also developed. One difference in RL is scent .. the other is the ability to reach and physically touch. However, in RL, seldom does anyone let his or her true self be touched .. I guess .. maybe ..

… perhaps it is safer in a virtual world such as Second Life. Or perhaps it only feels safer. At any rate .. I am enriched by the manifestations of others imagination and mind’s visions, as I am also enriched by the interactions with human souls I’d otherwise have never met. I was able to know that tho each of us is unique … that I am not alone.

I wish it were not so easy there to cast off unwanted baggage. Perhaps that is another draw of it, for some. Perhaps some do not leave Second Life so much as they escape it.


Who knows? –vq-

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